Fireworks are legal in Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Fireworks are legal in Jackson

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Many people may not know it but fireworks are legal in the city of Jackson. The capital city and Byram are the only ones in the metro area that allow fireworks to be detonated inside city limits. 

Cities that have ordinances banning fireworks say it is a hard law to enforce, especially on holidays, but they ask everyone to obey them.

Police departments report an increase in calls around holidays, but usually hand out citations and warnings only to people who use them illegally.  

Nancy Carter, who lives in south Jackson, says she was surprised to learn fireworks were indeed legal. She has complained multiple times to the city about the noisemakers that keep her up at night. 

Everyone who uses fireworks this year is being warned to be careful with the current dry conditions. It's always a good idea to have an adult present, and a bucket of water, in case anything goes wrong. 

You should also avoid areas with dry grass and not shoot fireworks at other people.

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