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Heavenly Image?

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Mary Ellison of Brandon loves her flower garden in her back yard. But husband Dan's had to tend it for her this year because Mary got some very bad news from her doctor last winter. But from her chair in the living room she can see the flowers, and they are a comfort to her. But not as much a comfort as what she saw coming into the house from her back yard one day shortly after her doctor visit last winter.

Mary Ellison: It was cold and the wind had blown a lot of leaves up under the porch. So I got my broom and went out and swept. And when I started back in the door, I saw this image.

Walt: It's a place on the sliding screen door where what looks to be a ¾ profile of a face has been placed. Or stained. Or etched. Or something. It won't come off. It's easer to see with a black background behind it. But one day it wasn't there, the next it was. And WHEN it got there is maybe even more significant than what it is.

Mary: Before that I had prayed that, that God would send me a message. He put the face on the door to let me know that he's there with me, all the way.

Walt: And "all the way" will be "all the way" for Mary. The news from her doctor was that bad.

Mary: I think it's God that has put it there for a reason.

Dan: Everybody that I've seen come out here, and it's been a lot of people that's seen it. I think my whole Sunday School class has been out here, chill bumps pop up on their arms. And they just, they don't know what to say when they see it.

 Walt: Is it the face of Jesus? A bearded man with a sad look with perhaps a tear flowing from his left eye?

Dan: God or Jesus, that's what I believe.

Mary: We really don't know what it is except I KNOW God put it there for me. VERY comforting to know that he is there with me.

Walt: And while the rest of us puzzle over the image, Mary sits peacefully. And you wonder which is the biggest miracle; the image on the door screen, or the comfort in such a time for her that it has brought to Mary.

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