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Lower gas prices greet holiday travelers

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BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Fourth of July travelers are being welcomed at the pump with a  drop in gas prices.   The price of gas is about 24 cents per gallon cheaper than it was on Memorial Day. 

The national average is $3.55 a gallon. Drivers in the Jackson metro are doing much better than that.  Prices have dropped as low as $3.18 at the Kroger in Brandon. 

There was a steady stream of cars at the pumps throughout the day, as people stared their travel plans.  Many say they hunt down the lowest prices to keep their finances in order. 

"I'm saving at least ten dollars on a fill up from what I was a month ago," said Arnold Fincher.  He and his wife travel often and hunt down the lowest prices on gas.

Its possible prices could drop another 20 to 30 cents a gallon before the year is over according to experts.   Prices could also go up as hurricane season approaches, threatening the stoppage of oil production in the Gulf of Mexico.

Keith Strange was filling up his truck and several gas cans while the prices were low.  "It's kind of strange it did go down over the holiday," said Smith.  "I think that has something to do with them taking the gas out of our resources.  It might not be a good deal, but it sure helps at the pumps."

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