Fireworks are on July 4th last minute shopping list - - Jackson, MS

Fireworks are on July 4th last minute shopping list

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

As the nation celebrates 235 years, Americans particularly those in central Mississippi, are planning to light up the skies with colorful bangs.

This is the day fireworks dealers have awaited.

On July Fourth the last minute shopping item on the list for many celebrations is fireworks.

At American Fireworks on Spillway Road, families stock up while kids decide what goes in the basket.

"Rockets and parachute men. What's it gonna be like tonight? Amazing," said 11 year old J. J. Allison of Jackson.

Matthew Welch of Flowood is scouring the aisles to make this Independence Day memorable for his family.

"My little brother and his friends and family they just told me to swing by here and pick some up and get an assortment of different things they like,' said Welch.

Workers are constantly restocking as best sellers fly off the shelf.

Many businesses opened in June to prepare for the holiday.

"We've actually had a couple of people come in here and make some really big sales too for like boat shows on lakes. They'll come in here and spend a couple of thousands on fireworks," said James Curlee with American Fireworks.

But most are depending on mom and dad to finance the fireworks show.

Eleven year old Maurice Woodall of Jackson was on a mission packing his basket with grenade bombs, moon trappers and others items.

"I've got Black Cat Neons that when you shoot them in the air they make a whole lot of noise except they're going to be different colors. Me and my friends planned that we're going to get a whole bunch of these and black cats and stuff and pop them," said Woodall.

According to merchants, thousands had entered their tents by late afternoon.

They only estimate fireworks sales to be similar to last year's.

Seventeen year old Bo Young of Brandon was planning to add to the evening's festivities with his purchases.

"They're small ones, but they're loud. Packing up on fireworks, and I'm going to a friends house to go cook out. I'm going to eat some hamburgers," said Young.

Jackson resident Darius Kelly stopped by to pick up fireworks appropriate for small children, his daughter Jamel and son Jaiden.

"Because of their ages eight and four I'm kinda going with some more kiddie things this year, but I still want to do some bottle rockets for myself before I go to work," said Kelly.

A big seller is the giant variety pack which has everything from sparklers to bottle rockets and the ever popular firecracker.

So much to choose from that Jonathan Graham of Brandon thought about purchasing a $129.00 variety can packed with fireworks for his celebration with friends.

Fireworks vendors tell us the big rush comes at night fall when many make the last minute decision to light up the sky after lighting up the grill.

According to Jackson city officials, it is legal to set off fireworks in the city limits.

Experts remind you to use fireworks responsibly and have a water supply nearby as a precaution.

Copiah and Simpson counties are among 10 counties under burn bans which prohibit fireworks this year.

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