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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - Alabama Avenue

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A young realtor is on a mission to rehab houses in some of Jackson's less desirable neighborhoods, but he says city officials are not making it easy for him. So, he called Three On Your Side for help with one piece of property on North Alabama Avenue.

It is 258 North Alabama Avenue and it was in rough shape when Fabian Nelson's company bought it. After renovations, it is a place you could call home, but Nelson says he can't rent it to anyone because of standing water in front of it. He says it's a breeding ground for mosquitoes and presents other potential health problems.

"So, we just don't want anyone living in that condition right now," he said.

Nelson told me he's called city officials for help more than once.

He said, "The first time we called, they said we're going to send someone out to look at it. They sent someone. They never called us back. We had to call them. When we called them they told us well we went down and looked it but the problem is there is a water lead on another property."

Nelson said he pointed out to them that if the storm drain were functioning properly the water would runoff and not stand.

"And so, they said we're going to send a supervisor out. We heard nothing back, so we called back about a week later and they told us that the supervisor went out, said it was nothing they could do because they couldn't see the storm drain, because it was covered in water, so each time we call, we just get a different story," Nelson said.

The 25 year old Mississippi College graduate tells me this has been going on for two months now. He says he has already pulled land rolls and contacted absentee owners of surrounding blighted properties in hopes of purchasing them, something, he says, those who live here are responding favorably to.

 He said, "They're happy to see someone in there trying to make a difference over there and that's what we want to do. We want to make a difference over there and bring the neighborhood back around for them."

Nelson continued, "The people of Jackson deserve better and that's what we want to do, give them something better."

I reached Quida Bride, a spokesperson for the City of Jackson, for comment. She says she will check into it as soon as offices re-open tomorrow from the holiday and she will give me an update. 

Let us know how we can help you take back your neighborhood. And, if you've already turned your community around, we want to know how you did it. Just send an email to hballou@wlbt.com.


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