Law enforcement says Metro Inn is problem spot - - Jackson, MS

Law enforcement says Metro Inn is problem spot

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Area law enforcement say the Metro Inn on Ellis Avenue near Highway 80 in Jackson has long been a crime problem spot before a murder that ended a Jackson man's life in late June.

Two Brandon teens were arrested in the fatal hit and run of 49-Year-Old James Craig Anderson.

Just last summer, Jackson police investigated the murder of a Jim Hill high student, gunned down in a Metro Inn motel room. 16-Year-Old Falisha Miller, shot in the head during a party in one of the rooms. A year earlier police shot a suspect after witnessing a gun battle in the parking lot.

"It goes all the way back to 1993 when we first got wind of the activities going on there," says Major Nick Clark of the Hinds County Sheriff's Department.

Major Clark says the Jackson motel has become notorious for drugs deals and prostitution. agents all the way up to the federal level have found many of their cases have ties there.

"We have worked it steadily there's not a year that passes that we don't make a number of arrests that either start or end up at that location," says Clark.

It's such a hot spot, law enforcement even base some of their stings out of the Metro Inn, in their continuous quest to rid the highway 80 area of seedy motels and crime.

Clark says, "Even though we have put a lot of effort and been successful in cleaning up a lot of the criminal activity up and down 80, some of the motel operators seem to extend an offering to these kind of folks that want to either run prostitution operations and sell narcotics.  I don't know that you can stop it, it's like anything else you do it takes a maintenance program that's what we do."

In this latest case, the accused murder Deryl Paul Dedmon was seen by eyewitnesses talking with the murder victim James Craig Anderson in the motel parking lot, minutes before the homicide took place.

Dedmon was released on 50-thousand dollars bond, but county prosecutors could take action to have that bond revoked this week.

Also arrested was John Rice, who had his bond denied. He also is charged with murder in this case.

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