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Former convicted constable seeks judicial position

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A former constable who was indicted and prosecuted in 2004 is running for office. Charles A. Lindsay, Jr. promised to never run again. Now he's on the ballot for Rankin County Justice Court Judge.

According to former District Attorney, David Clark, Charles Lindsay admitted he falsified court documents regarding thousands of dollars in fees on summons that he did not serve. Constables collect a 25 dollar fee whenever they served papers. That's how they make their money. Clark said falsified documents netted Lindsay about 28-thousand dollars over a 9 month period.

 In his agreement Clark told reporters, Lindsay resigned and was placed in the county's pre- trial program. Charges were dropped by the District Attorney and he was placed on 5 years probation. In addition, the former constable had to agree he would not seek public office again.

But we have learned the former convicted felon now is running for a Justice Court position potentially in violation of his agreement.

Three other republicans are also in this race.

In response, Rankin County District Attorney Michael Guest told WLBT news, Lindsay's probation is over and his criminal record was expunged. Guest said based on his research, he believes criminal charges cannot be reinstated after they were dismissed.

The only recourse said Guest, was if a contender challenged his candidacy based on the fact he agreed to never run for office. Our calls to Mr. Lindsay were not returned.

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