Commit to Be Fit Update - Brian Lott - - Jackson, MS

Commit to Be Fit Update - Brian Lott

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

We've had tremendous response to our Commit to Be Fit weight loss effort. Many of you have taken the challenge to help change Mississippi's status as fattest state in the nation.

Soon after our first reports aired, a Flowood man sent me an email to let me know that, not only had he taken the challenge, but he also entered a biggest loser competition on his job.

34-year-old Brian Lott was all smiles as he and his wife Rachel got a hero's welcome. Lott's co-workers and friends gathered at a Flowood restaurant to honor Brian for nailing his company's "biggest loser" competition. Lott wasn't obese, but he admits he had picked up a lot more weight than he was comfortable with.

He said, "Well, we had one of your stories online one night and it was about Commit to Be Fit and my bank that I work for, Regions, we were having a contest, so, I figured if I was gonna do it, I might as well start, so anyway, I joined the YMCA and started doing spin class 3 times a week. I've been doing that for the last 12 weeks."

There were 20 other employees vying for the "biggest loser" title, but in the end, it was Lott who was the biggest winner.

Lott said, "Man, I tell ya, it was tough, but I ended up winning that contest and we found out today. I ended up losing 30 pounds."

He continued, "And we just want to live a healthier lifestyle and that really inspired us; that Commit to Be Fit; that really inspired us."

I'd like to hear from you and invite you to join the Commit to Be Fit team.

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