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Eagle Lake residents concerned about flood aftermath

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WARREN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Residents of Eagle Lake spent the morning meeting with government officials about the flood aftermath in their area.

The lake levels remain extremely high, preventing all recreational boating. Many residents haven't been able to fully evaluate damage to their boat houses and piers. 

Corp of Engineers officials say they hope to have the levels back to near normal by late August, if the Mississippi river doesn't rise. 

"Eagle lake residents they've got a problem and FEMA and MEMA need to realize that," said Gary Lick who attended the meeting.

Many residents are holding the Corp responsible for damage to their docks. The Corp encouraged them to fill out claims on their website.  Some residents are considering hiring an attorney to speed up the process. 

Resident George McMillan says, "We'll have to get together as a group and file a class action lawsuit.  The damage occurred because they had to raise the lake cause of the boils at buck chute which where known about for ten years, so they (Corp) was negligent."

Residents also expressed concerns that the raised levels would affect fish populations. The Department of Wildlife Fisheries and Parks said they will send in biologists once the lake levels drop to take samples. 

The main concern is an increase in Silver Carp, which came in with the flood waters, and can devastate other fish in the lake, by eating all the food.

To the north at Lake Chotard, water levels have returned to normal.   Residents were out in force cleaning up damaged homes and businesses Wednesday.

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