The Only Change Is MORE HEAT???? - - Jackson, MS

The Only Change Is MORE HEAT????

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Contrary to previous mornings during the work week, today's start wasn't foggy at all. The moisture content in the air isn't slacking during the afternoon hours with the heat index expected to reach into the 100s once again.

Our chances of rain will stay at only 20% however, early morning radar images indicated that some embedded thunderstorms were moving quickly in the north west corner of the state. Those same storms continued to move south east and getting strong during the heating of the day.

Severe storms are not expected, however some isolated strong wind gusts are likely to be a part of the afternoon landscape; especially along the eastern side of Mississippi. Most of the storms should break up this evening, particularly after the sun goes down.

The weekend will set the stage for a major warm up, despite a slight rise in temps. The combination of high humidity and temps reaching just shy of 100 degree will combine for the drastic change on how it feels over the weekend. By Sunday highs will reach to 98 degrees, possibly 99. The Monday through Wednesday the temps are expected to stay at 99 degrees. That could put us under a heat advisory; we'll keep you posted.


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