Sheriff's race endorsement - - Jackson, MS

Sheriff's race endorsement

Less than one month out from the August 2 primary one democrat candidate for sheriff received a campaign boost Friday morning. Jackson City Councilmen Chokwe Lumumba and Tony Yarber publicly endorsed Tyrone Lewis for sheriff on the steps of the Hinds County Courthouse.

Lewis is opposing incumbent Malcolm McMillin in the democrat primary. The candidate talked about his vision for Hinds County if he is elected.

"That's going to come with the visibility of the Hinds County Sheriff's Department interacting with the neighborhood associations, interacting with the business community, interacting with government, whether it's the city, local or state level," Lewis said.

McMillin supporters are arguing that the rally was illegal at the courthouse was illegal. They base their charge on the grounds that the courthouse is a voting precinct for absentee ballots.

According to state election code 23-15-895, "It shall be unlawful for any candidate for an elective office.... to post or distribute cards, posters or other campaign literature within 150 feet of any entrance of the building wherein any election is being held." @@

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