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Carbon Dioxide testing ramped up

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FLOWOOD, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Texas company is hoping to strike it rich, when it comes to natural resources in Mississippi. Denberry resources is doing more exploration for carbon dioxide, this time in the metro area.

The company has set out red boxes stretching down Lakeland drive from I-55 to the Flowood Walmart. They could be the secret to finding hidden natural resources 300 feet below the metro area.  Denberry is searching for co-2 or carbon dioxide.

"Millions of years ago oil and gas deposits were converted because of higher temperatures converted into co-2 that's the remnant of the materials left that gas is collected in structural positions around Jackson," says Geologist Steve Champlin.

Denberry is using seismic charges, mapping gas deposits underground. Large trucks used to send a shockwave, sending the signal back to the boxes, where it's measured.

Champlin says, "They'll lower weights down from under the truck lay down on pavement or the roadside, and make contact and generate a vibration shaking enough to generate enough energy to get those waves bouncing off different formations."

Residents are being told they probably won't feel a thing with the ground shaking.

Denberry has also been permitted to test in Madison, Pearl and Ridgeland. The co-2 will likely be used to re-charge old oil wells, but it can also be used to put the fizz in soda, or the chill in dry ice.  The testing will last around two weeks.

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