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Eight families without a home after apartment fire

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BUDE, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Eight families have no homes because of the fire at the Fox Run Apartments last Saturday afternoon.

Cheryl Brothers, who lives here but did not have her apartment damaged, called Three On Your Side to complain that firemen took too long to find a water hydrant hidden in the grass, while battling the blaze.

"Our town does not mark these fire hydrants and keep them available to the firemen. When they came here to put out the fire they was going half way across town to get water on them water trucks there," Brothers said.

Volunteer Fire Chief Ray Beard, says his department knew about the hydrant in the grass, but thought the fire could have been put out with 2,000 gallons of tank water.

"We did what we could with the tools we had to work with. We knew the fire plug was there. But it was so far away from the structure that we were working with, you know, we had to wait until other equipment got on the scene so we could hook up to it," said Chief Beard.

Apartment manager Myra Walters thinks the fire department did the best they could.

"The fire was out of control and there wasn't too much they could do. I don't know of anything else they could have done," Walters added.

Chief Beard said one of his biggest problems was not enough personnel from the all volunteer fire department because so many of them were away on a holiday weekend.

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