Preventing "Schoolhouse to Jailhouse" - - Jackson, MS

Preventing "Schoolhouse to Jailhouse"

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Dropout prevention is one of our state's loftiest goals inside our schools. But some groups have come together this weekend in Jackson to say the efforts are missing one big component.

At the "Prevention of Schoolhouse to Jailhouse" summit, organizers are telling families and youth groups that schools need to implement more positive behavior interventions. Too many children are getting sent to alternative schools or getting harsh discipline.

"When we discipline, we're looking at how we can motivate our children to have a better attitude. We have to give them a better environment to work in. We have to use less punitive measures. When we see a child misbehave, a child talking out, he should not be sent to detention," says Mattie Stoddard, of the Mississippi Coalition of Prevention of Jailhouse to Schoolhouse.

The conference was part of the annual Hip Hop Summit, put on by several groups including the Mississippi ACLU. @

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