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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - Terry Road carwash eyesore

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson businessman called 3 On Your Side to complain about an abandoned car wash across the street from his establishment. 

It's located on 3977 Terry Road and it is rapidly transforming into a garbage dump creating problems for his business.

When Paul Berlin walks down the driveway of his neatly manicured business, he's not happy with what he sees across Terry Road.

It was Creekside Carwash when it opened four years ago.

"It's been closed for a while and it's really just turned," Berlin said. "It's just turned into a garbage dump. When you walk across the street and you take you some pictures of it, you'll see it's just being used as a dump."

We did walk across the street and Berlin was not exaggerating.

The place you once took your vehicle to get the dirt off, now looks more like a landfill.

Berlin says property values are taking a hit because of this eyesore, but more importantly.

"If it's just going to stay like that, I would just assume see it torn on down, because it's gonna be like a health hazard and I'm worried about rats and stuff getting over there," Berlin said.

Berlin says he has reached out to the city for help because the owner of the property has apparently abandoned it. City officials have responded to Berlin's plea for help.

I contacted Community Improvement manager, Claude Smith.

Smith told me there is an active case on the carwash property and a letter giving the owner 15-days to get into compliance with city codes has already gone out.

Since the property is still not in compliance, Smith says the owner will be taken to a hearing judge, then to city council for approval.

After that, the city will clean up the property and bill the owner.

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