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Programs help you save energy costs

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Many of us are fortunate to have an air conditioner or two to help bear with what seems like unbearable heat scorching the Magnolia state. But for those without air conditioning the heat is not only hot, but it can be deadly. As a result, two local organizations are helping bring cool air and lower energy costs to those who need it most.

There's no doubt it's hot. With a heat index in effect fans and AC's are running non-stop. The extra energy use means a rise in your energy bills. But if you can't afford the bill you may qualify for help through the Salvation Army's "Summer Heat Initiative."

Captain Ken Chapman, the area coordinator for the Salvation Army of Metro Jackson says, "this will help lower their bills give them more money to buy food and medicine and things that they need."

Money for the "Summer Heat Initiative," is available through the federal government's LIHEAP program. The elderly, people with disabilities and foster parents qualify for "Summer Heat Initiative" help.

The application process is just one page and you can start calling Wednesday, July 13th to set up appointments starting next week.

"We'll do a week in July, we'll do a week in August and a week in September," says Chapman.

Entergy's "Power to Care" program is an option for Entergy Mississippi customers who may need help with their entergy bills.

 Mara Hartmann, the senior communications specialist for Entergy Mississippi Inc., says, contributions for "Power to Care," a contributed "by our customers and our employees and then those funds are matched by shareholders."

Within the next week or so Entergy will also give away 350 fans and thirty-six air conditioners.

If you don't qualify for the programs offered through the Salvation Army or Entergy, the best thing to do is to set your air conditioner on 78 degrees and make sure you have a fan circulating at the same time."

 Hartmann says, "if you keep it at 78 degrees that's the optimum temperature for comfort, but if you turn the fans on it's going to make it feel a little bit cooler."

 When it comes to those who do qualify for help, payments are based on a case by case basis.

 The "Summer Heat Initiative," is available for foster parents, seniors and people with disabilities living in Hinds, Rankin and Madison counties.

For more information on both the "Summer Heat Initiative" call the Salvation Army at 601-982-4881.

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