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Federal Agents raid Silver Star Casino

NESHOBA COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

FBI agents raided the casinos on the Choctaw Indian Reservation near Philadelphia Tuesday morning.

It is not clear what they were looking for, but they seized the hard drives from some computers.

The FBI did confirm the raid on the casinos was part of an ongoing investigation.

They would not say how many agents were involved.

Sources at the reservation told us about 40 agents were involved.

Kevin Edwards, selected Tuesday as the New Vice Chief of the Choctaws, did talk with us for the record.

"I cannot confirm or deny that, at this time," Edwards said. "I think the Chief's Office will address that, but as far as I know that is all I can say about that."

Phyliss Anderson, elected as the new Choctaw Chief July 5th, only to have her election thrown out on a technicality, wouldn't talk about the raid, but predicted she would be elected again in the next election in September.

WLBT is told the FBI seized the computer hard drives and they were confiscated.

The editor and publisher of the Neshoba Democrat, Jim Prince, also had a hard time getting information.

While WLBT is attempting to get information we were asked to leave the property, we were told the FBI was working on the second floor of the Golden Moon Casino.

When we tried to go there we were threatened with arrest on trespassing charges.

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