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A.G. Hood takes legal action against BP claims facility, administrator

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Attorney General Jim Hood is taking legal action against the Gulf Coast Claims Facility and it's administrator Kenneth Feinberg.

Hood announced Tuesday afternoon the state has formally filed a petition in Hinds County Court demanding Feinberg turn over documents pertaining to oil spill claims from Mississippi residents.

Hood says the facility, under the direction of Feinberg, refuses to release documents as the state continues its investigation into the BP claims process.

Hood says there's reason to believe Feinberg may be violating the Consumer Protection Act.

"If you don't have anything to hide, show your hand," Hood said. "When people try to delay and prevent us from getting access to documentation, that tells me they have something to hide and I think in the end we will find that. I think a judge at some point, they may drag it out for a long time, but I think some judge will finally order them to comply and we will find that they have not treated people's claims fairly."

The Attorney General's Office issued a subpoena back in February to the facility, which Hood says was not responded to.

Hood says it's time for Feinberg to open the books and provide answers to Mississippians, especially those whose claims were denied or decreased.

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