Gubernatorial candidate questions qualifications of rival candid - - Jackson, MS

Gubernatorial candidate questions qualifications of rival candidate

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Mississippi gubernatorial candidate is calling on another candidate to provide proof of residency or get out of the race.

Democrat William Compton, Jr. is accusing fellow democratic challenger Bill Luckett of not satisfying the qualifications to be placed on the ballot.

Compton say Luckett, from Clarksdale, needs to show his tax returns from the five previous years to put to rest concerns that Luckett hasn't been a resident of the state for the last five years, which state law requires.

Luckett was already approved by the Democratic Party to be place on the ballot.

Compton says it would be a mistake to leave it that way if records aren't provided.

"If he (Luckett) does so, he will reassure voters that he is an honest man of integrity and a true democrat," said William Compton, Jr., (D) Gubernatorial candidate. "If he (Luckett) does not, he will leave doubt about his candidacy, his integrity and his honor."

In response to the allegations, Luckett told WLBT, "I have been a Mississippi resident since I was brought here when I was six weeks old by my father and if anyone suggests otherwise, it's purely a political agenda."

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