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Where Miss. candidates stand on education

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a major topic across the state and just as talked about on the campaign trial for any legislative or statewide candidate looking to win an election, but before Mississippians cast their vote, Nancy Loome with the Partents' Campaign says take a minute to see what candidates from across the state have to say about education.

"There is nothing that is more important than education," Loome said.

To give voters a better feel for a candidate's stance, the organization, with a goal of improving education, received questions from voters, complied the most frequent ones and sent them out to candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, treasurer and all legislative hopefuls on topics from funding and teacher salaries to early childhood education and the retirement system.

"I just think that if a candidate wants to represent a group of people, that candidate has an obligation to answer the voters questions about important issues and certainly education is right up there at the top," Loome said.

All of their answers are now posted online through the Parents' Campaign website.

For the legislative incumbents, their voting records are posted with their answers.

"Many of those match up very well, some of them don't match up quit so well and we think that's important for voters to see as well," Loome said.

Loome says with such an important election facing voters the topic of education needs to be front and center so voters can do their homework and give the final grade.

"It is absolutely critical that we do some things to improve student achievement if we are going to move Mississippi forward, in economic development and just about every quality of life issue," Loome said.

Some candidates have not respond to any of the questions while some others have only responded to a few of them.

As any new responses come in, they will be posted.

To see the candidates' responses click on the link below.


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