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HIV drugs can prevent virus

ATLANTA, GA (WLBT) - New studies show daily H-I-V pills prevent infection with the aids virus in heterosexual men and women.

The studies were done in Africa among adults considered high risk for contracting H-I-V. Taking the pills once a day lowers the overall risk of H-I-V infection by more than sixty percent.

The results are so significant, researchers stopped the study early so participants getting placebo treatment could get the real drugs. The study found four of those taking the drugs became infected with h-I-v, compared to 19 on the dummy pill.

-Studies will be presented at the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention.
- The drug used in the CDC trial is called Truvada.
- The drugs used in the University of Washington study are called Viread and Truvada.

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