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Flooding and drought take toll on corn crop

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YAZOO COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

WLBT News went to Yazoo County to check on the corn crop where the drought and the flood were both happening at the same time. The conditions have taken a toll at a time when corn prices are relatively high, between five and six dollars a bushel. 

Clay Adcock farms 3,300 acres of land here and was saved from the worst of the flood by the Yazoo Backwater Levee holding.  His major loss, however, was his 300 acre corn crop. 

"We have gone through a tremendous drought from the middle of April, on through May, we got a rain on the fourth of July, but for corn that was too late," said Adcock."We will harvest what's there and apply that toward remaining production costs." 

The Mississippi Department of Agriculture and Commerce says the corn crop was better than this in other places. We talked with Andy Prosser, director of public relations and market development.

"The farmers experiencing flood and drought, especially on dry land corn, are having a tough season. I believe we will have to wait for harvest to see what they can get, but other areas of the state have had timely rains and should have a pretty good corn crop on their land."

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