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A Magical Conclusion: Fans line up for the final Harry Potter movie

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PEARL, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The most successful movie franchise in Hollywood history comes to an end.  Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 opened in theaters nationwide July 15th with many theaters in the Jackson metro area offering midnight showings.

All 12 screens at Malco Grandview in Madison, 3 screens at Parway Place in Flowood and 8 screens at Tinseltown USA in Pearl were sold out of their midnight showings. 

The final chapters of the Harry Potter franchise unfolded on the big screen.  It was a moment fans had been waiting for more than a decade.

"I grew up with Harry Potter. Basically I started, I went through the books at the same age as Harry, I read them and watched every movie," said Chris Evans.  He bought his tickets more than a week ago and waited outside six hours before the premiere.  "I've always enjoyed it so I'm really excited."

It started with the books, 7 tales about the boy wizard with the lightning scar.  "They know these characters.  They know these stories," said Flowood Border salesperson Donna Cromeans.  "As book sellers we were excited to see something come along that made kids excited about reading again."

There was also something new for fans.  The last movie was also offered in 3D.

"Harry Potter is already on the edge of your seat.  I know with the snake and Voldermort and Harry and Hermoine, it is just going to be awesome.  Everything is going to be right at you," said Harry Potter Kristi Ellis.

Fans have Hagrid size excitement for the magical conclusion of the Harry Potter series.

"You have to show up and be excited about it," said Harry Potter fan Rachel Busch.  "It's the final movie. It's the end of a 10 to15 year era of waiting and it all culminates tonight."   

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