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Auto theft: A crime of opportunity

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Auto theft remains in the top five when it comes to major crime stats in the capital city. Police say some of this problem can be eliminated with extra caution. A south Jackson woman is the latest victim to be left walking.

"That's a terrible feeling to see your car going down the street." Mary Jackson's problems began late Monday. Jackson made a quick stop at an auto store on Ellis avenue.

"I went in and got a quart of transmission fluid. Came out." Jackson was in a hurry trying to get to her night job. A stranger offered help. "I placed the container in the disposable garbage can. As soon as I did that he reached for the door, jumped in. I was just shocked that it happened." Jackson dropped her guard. "You left your keys and your purse on the front seat? Right. And I was still standing there at my car,"said Jackson.

In a matter of seconds a strange man was ripping off her 1991 gray Buick. "When I got home that night I had no keys, no nothing. He just turned my world upside down." A police report was filed but nothing has turned up.

Jackson says the crime was not captured on surveillance video. The manager of Auto Zone was aware of the stolen vehicle but would not comment on the crime.

Police say don't be a victim, do not leave your car running or parked with the keys in it. It can disappear before you very eyes.

Now Jackson is forced to find help getting to her job and can't afford to buy a replacement vehicle.

The car is described as a 1991 gray Buick Park Avenue. It has a dent on the drivers side door. Paint is missing on the drivers side rear door. The truck has a cord holding it down. If you see the vehicle call Jackson police at 601-960-1234.

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