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Dead fish in Crossgates Lake has residents angry

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BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The dead fish are attracting buzzards and the odor is overwhelming. The whole situation is making residents of Crossgates angry, like Shelly Roberts who lives on Stonegate Drive.

"It smells, the air in your back yard smells like dead fish. The water smells like dead fish. And just when you think everything is fine, it happens again," said Roberts.

Jeanne Monsour, who also lives on Stonegate Drive is tired of this happening frequently.

"The vultures, the buzzards you have seen flying around, are beginning to take care of it. And that's what I have been told, let nature run it's course," Monsour added.

Samantha Hulen, also a Crossgates resident is also angry.

"In the past two years we have lived in Timbers, we can't come down here and fish anymore, we can't even walk our kids, because the stench is god awful," Hulen said.

The experts believe the fish are Carp and Shad and say some method of getting oxygen into that water is necessary.

Dennis Richke, Fisheries Coordinator for the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks says a fountain could be the answer.

"The easy solution is probably a fountain, or some type of aeration device, to run the water up in the air, break it up," Richke said.

This happens at this lake virtually every year, it gets hot, the oxygen level in the lake goes down, and the fish die.

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