Ice Cream Safari - - Jackson, MS

Ice Cream Safari

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It's a rivalry alright, but this one isn't bitter, it's sweet!

At Saturday's Ice Cream Safari at the Jackson Zoo, the boys of WLBT battled it out with a match-up from Y101 Radio.

More than a dozen teams came out Saturday for the Ice Cream Safari at the Jackson Zoo, dishing out cool treats and hoping to charm the crowds.

The team with the most tokens at the end of the day wins bragging rights and 12 times over, Howard Ballou has warmed the most hearts with ice cream. But two years ago, "We scared off Howard the first year we won. Now he's back," said Murphy of Y101.

Nate and Murphy from Y101 say he blinked. "He was over there by the fence watching the animals a while ago," Nate said.

Even the animals are watching this sweet showdown. With Peacock Pralines and Cream Ice Cream, The Radio Kids are trying to edge Howard out again.

"They do not stuff the ballot box, you know," Ballou said.

Howard has some extra muscle this year, with rookie scooper Brandon Artiles. They're scooping up Southern Giraffe Hospitality Ice Cream.

"It's fantastic. A lot of hospitality to go around but there's also some strawberries, waffle cone pieces. People are really enjoying it," Artiles said.

We asked one zoo-goer how she liked Peacock Pralines and Cream and she said, "It's delicious,".

But which ice cream is better? "I was kinda skeptical about which one, so I chose Y101," another zoo-goer said.

The real test will come when the tokens are counted.

"Howard is determined to get it back. He's in fighting weight even. We're thrilled to have so many out supporting the Jackson Zoo and this wonderful event," Beth Poff, Director of the Jackson Zoo added.

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