Energy bills paid for those in need - - Jackson, MS

Energy bills paid for those in need

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Dozens of people headed to the Salvation Army Monday to have their energy bills paid. The temporary financial relief is provided through the Salvation Army's "Summer Heat Initiative" program.

 One by one individuals meet with case workers at the Salvation Army. By the end of a twenty minute session they're anticipating a huge financial load to be lifted. Monday is the first day for folks like Tracy Watson to meet with case workers and have their energy bills paid.

Watson says her energy bill was over $100, which is a lot more than she typically pays. 

Seniors, people with disabilities and foster parents living in the tri-county area must make an appointment to sign up for the Salvation Army's "Summer Heat Initiative," program. The program provides temporary financial relief for those who need help paying for their summer energy bills.

Captain Ken Chapman says, "it takes about twenty minutes they need to show documentation of who they are, their energy bills and what their emergency is."

Hubert Grant's emergency is his $500 Entergy bill. Payment is due July 20th.

Grant says, "being a senior citizen and on a set income your money only goes so far and I just need aid."

 There's great demand for people who want to sign up for the "Summer Heat Initiative," program. When the program was first announced last week, the Salvation Army's phone lines shut down three times."

 Captain Chapman says, "people are calling and we're having to call people back and they're leaving messages because the phones are ringing off the hook and non-stop all through the weekend."

Most people will have their entire bill paid for.  Watson says, "this is a miracle from the Lord and I'm just grateful, I'm very grateful."

For more information on the "Summer Heat Initiative" program contact the Salvation Army at 601-982-4881. You must call to make an appointment. Appointments are booked for this week. However, additional space is open during one week in August and one week in September.


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