Car theft victim gets vehicle from good Samaritan - - Jackson, MS

Car theft victim gets vehicle from good Samaritan

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Last week WLBT reported on a common problem here in the Capital City.

Auto theft.

A woman had her car ripped off right in front of her eyes in west Jackson.

A local car dealer became her good Samaritan Monday afternoon.

Last week Mary Jackson made a quick stop at an auto store on Ellis Avenue. 

"I went in and got a quart of transmission fluid. Came out," Jackson said.

She made the mistake of leaving her keys and purse on the front seat while putting up the hood of her 1991 Buick.

A stranger jumped in and took off.

"When I got home that night I had no keys, no nothing," Jackson said. "He just turned my world upside down."

Mary could not afford to replace the old car, and had to get rides to her night job.

Doug Wilson of Wilson Auto Group saw our report and found it upsetting.

"It just made me made to think somebody doesn't have enough respect for other peoples property rights stealing somebody that trying to work for a living so my heart went out to her,"Wilson said.

Wilson decided something had to be done.

"I had a doctor that recently traded in a 1998 Mercury Sable that we just traded for and should move her up 7 model years," Wilson said. "A basic transportation type car."

When Mary Jackson received a call from the dealership her world was turned right side up.

What did you think when he first called you?

"I thought it was a joke, a prank," Jackson said. "I'm like sir, please I don't have any credit, any money, nothing I can do, I didn't have any money. Please just listen, just listen."

Doug Wilson handed over the keys to the Mercury that had been traded in.

Wilson thought Mary was a very deserving recipient who needed a helping hand during tough times.

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