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Stolen car sold for scrap metal and crushed

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson woman is furious after a bizarre set of circumstances.

Within 24-hours of her car breaking down, it was stolen, sold for scrap and crushed.

Even more shocking is that, it's all apparently legal.

Jessica Vaughan drove a 2001 Dodge and it broke down on I-220 at Industrial Drive Wednesday night.

She went back to get it only to find it was gone.

Vaughan reported it stolen at 7:33 p.m.

The next morning, Thursday, Vaughan got a call from Jackson Police saying they had found her car, at The Can Man Salvage Operation, in Jackson.

When Vaughan went there to get the car she found it had already been crushed that same day.

She was furious.

"How can someone take a car, without having anything, and signing an affidavit saying it's their car, and they accept it, you just can't do stuff like that, that was my car, I worked hard for that car," Vaughan said.

WLBT has learned that if a car is more than 10 years old, all a salvage yard has to do is get the person in possession of it to sell the vehicle, is to sign an affidavit that the car is theirs and that is what happened here.

Conlendula Green, Jackson Police spokeswoman, confirmed the car was reported stolen and an arrest has been made.

"Well right now, Marcus Thompson, he has been arrested for auto theft, so we are still investigating that as well, and it's an unfortunate situation, what happened to Miss Vaughan," Officer Green said.

The Can Man, John Bussey, would not talk on camera but he says they checked to see if the car was stolen and when it was not they bought it for $100 and it was crushed.

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