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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - Yazoo City eyesores

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YAZOO CITY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Taking Back Our Neighborhoods was in Yazoo City where residents of an historic neighborhood are at wits end over a couple of run-down houses.

They are side-by-side on East Broadway Street and neighbors claim the houses have become magnets for illicit activity.

Folks we talked to say they have gotten nowhere complaining to various officials, so they called 3 On Your Side.

Perfectly restored and maintained old homes and neatly manicured yards line most of East Broadway Street in Yazoo City.

But there are two structures along this historic corridor some people would rather see become history.

People who live in this historic district in Yazoo City say those houses are ruining the neighborhood.

It's a controversy that has made front page news in Yazoo City.

"It propagates drugs, crime and vagrants and we actually know that there are drug transactions across the street," said Yazoo City resident Sarah Sheffield.

Sheffield and other residents have tried appealing, not only to the owners, but to city officials to do something about the two eyesores.

"We get various answers but they do not act," Sheffield said. "We watch your 3 On Our Side and it's a wonderful program and when you do what you do, it seems to get done."

As we interviewed Sheffield, one woman, then several others appeared on the property.

They were clearly unhappy WLBT was there.

Asked if they would like to give their side of the story, one woman turned around, hiked her skirt and told us, "Y'all can kiss this ass."

One woman, Mary Michael Carr, finally agreed to talk to us on camera.

"I signed it over to my brother. He works offshore," Carr said. "Okay, so he does what work when he can. He went to buy the lumber yesterday to build this steps and now I come out here today and WLBT 3 is filming my house. No , I'm not very happy about that."

We asked Carr about allegations of drug activity at the house.

"Oh my God! No! Do we look like drug people to you?," Carr said.

So, what's the status of the dilapidated properties?

What is the city going to do about it?

I went to the mayor's office to find out.

Mayor McArthur Straughter says the 90 day order to clean up the property has already come and gone. 

"Well, the next step would be for the city to go and do whatever we have to do," Mayor Straughter said. "If it means demolishing it or whatever, but we'll get back with the attorney and see where we go from here but it's my understanding that the next step would be to bring the property down. Probably not gonna say a matter of days, because you got some folks say probably 7 days; a week, they looking to see something, but let me just say in the near future."

"Yazoo City is the gateway to the Delta and this street is the street bring you through the Delta and the governor is from Yazoo City," Sheffield said.

WLBT will keep you posted.

Let us help you take back your neighborhood.

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