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Heat Cranks Up & Bret Winding Down

Brace yourself for the return of the summer heat and humidity in full effect. The high temperature will reach into the mid 90s, which initially doesn't seem so bad.

However the additional moisture in the air will chance how it feels 'dramatically' from the comfort of Monday's mild start to the work week.

The heat has prompted another set of advisories, primarily in north Mississippi - particularly the delta. Heat index numbers will quickly climb to triple digits and stay there during the afternoon hours.

Tomorrow we're likely to see the heat index number to inch up a little bit higher. Temps will climb to the upper 90s. Our chances of rain hold off as the heat kicks back in. Our best chance of rain hold off until the end of the work week.

The latest on "BRET" from the early morning investigation of the storm shows the tropical storm weakening as of 4:00am. Data from an Air Force reserve Hurricane Hunter air craft indicate that maximum sustained winds had decreased to near 50 mph.

Gradual weakening is forecast during the next 48 hours. The morning minimum central pressure was measured by the aircraft was 1000mb ( 29.53 inches).


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