Is the MHP trooper training school too tough? - - Jackson, MS

Is the MHP trooper training school too tough?

RANKIN COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The 60th Mississippi Highway Patrol Trooper Training School is now underway at the Mississippi Law Enforcement Officers Training School in Rankin County.

140 cadets started the rigorous training, but in the second week, only 73 are left.

Two of those are still hospitalized.

One who was hospitalized has returned.

The training is similar to basic training in the military services.

The cadets are required to run one mile in eight minutes and do sit ups and push ups.

They are free to leave the training at any time day or night.

One cadet, Billy Michael Blakeny of Taylorsville, has been in the hospital eight days since leaving the program and is having to undergo dialysis treatments because of kidney failure.

Commissioner of Public Safety Albert Santa Cruz says Blakeny was not ready for the rigorous training, and what they are doing here will not be changed.

We told Santa Cruz we had spoken with Blakeny's wife and she felt the training was too tough.

"I disagree with her" Santa Cruz said. "And I will say the same thing, that this young man was not physically ready for this school."

The course takes 23 weeks.

The cadets are allowed to go home on Thursdays and return Sunday afternoon.

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