Nightclub shooting prompts tougher nuisance ordinance policing - - Jackson, MS

Nightclub shooting prompts tougher nuisance ordinance policing

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A violent weekend at Jackson night spots has several city officials looking at nuisance nightclub ordinances.

The city has a law on the books regulating problem clubs, but some leaders say it's not being enforced on enough establishments.

Take a casual walk through the parking lot of Visions Sports Bar and Lounge on Medgar Evers Boulevard and you'll see a nightclub with a history of violence among the broken beer bottle glass. 

There are countless numbers of bullet casings, spent rounds from weeks where patrons were caught near or in the cross hairs, like this past weekend when two people were gunned down at this very spot.

"We can't allow a single nightclub to escape as filing nuisance papers against them," said Ward 3 Councilman Kenneth Stokes.

Councilman Stokes says not enough nightclubs are penalized under the city nuisance ordinance.  

At the Main Event on Highway 80, five people were gunned down early Sunday morning, two just 16 years old.

"We need to have an ordinance requiring that if it's a person under 18 and alcohol is being sold at the establishment, beer champale, whatever, that no one under 18 can enter the premises," Stokes said. "Let's go to court, let's file nuisance papers and let the citizens know if we have any violence or whatever at any nightclubs were gonna file papers against 'em."

Police are still looking for the gunman in both shootings. 

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