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Commit To Be Fit - Fit 4 Teaching

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

One path to help change our status as most obese state in the nation, is through the classroom.

Teach the teachers fitness.

That's the plan of a local fitness expert.

Paul LaCoste hopes to do it with the Fit 4 Teaching Challenge.

You would think they were in boot camp or training for the Olympics, but the men and women working up a sweat are teachers; more than 200 of them.

"They're from different school districts; from Canton, Clinton, Madison, Rankin, JPS and Hinds County and the Mississippi Association of Independent Schools and they've been working hard, hard, hard," LaCoste said. "They've lost over 2,200 pounds in six weeks and we're super proud of them."

Instead of sitting around and spending the summer waiting to get back to the classroom, these educators signed up with Paul LaCoste Sports and hit the gym for a 10-week fitness program called Fit 4 Teaching.

They come to Jackson State's Walter Payton Health and Wellness Center at 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning, four days a week. 

"What will happen, the teachers will go back to their schools and the students will see that their teachers have gotten in wonderful shape over the summer months and that ripple effect will take place in the classroom throughout the year," LaCoste said.

Michelle Scott, a Gary Road Elementary school teacher, says that's why she's participating in the program.

"It's important to be here so we can be an example," Scott said. "A lot of things start in the classroom and if we're telling kids that they need to be fit and we're not fit our self, then we're just being a bunch of hypocrites."

Sara Howard is with the Jackson Federation of Teachers.

"It's received better when we see someone actually doing it," Howard said. "Just like a pastor. If you see your pastor living what he's preaching, you're gonna follow their lead."

The program is not free, $600 as a matter of fact, but there is incentive to complete it, because if you do, you get that money back.

By the way, you have to complete a 5-K run scheduled for August 20th to complete the program and LaCoste says everyone is invited.

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