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Shots Fired At Pastor's Home In Copiah County

Deputies will provide extra patrols for the home of a Copiah County pastor. Reverend Willie Jones says shots were fired at his home on Highway 51 in Crystal Springs early Wednesday morning and he believes it is because of his support for a white candidate for sheriff.

Rev. Willie Jones says this is what he found when he and his wife woke up Wednesday morning.

"There was a lot of shotgun pellets that hit the columns of the house, the wall of the house, couple of glasses in the house as well as the TV set", Jones said.

Jones says he believes he is the victim of a hate crime because of his support for a white candidate for sheriff. Signs for candidate,  John Goza have been spray painted with the letters, K-K-K.

"I'm shocked, I'm bewildered, dumb founded that in this day and time, that a man cannot support, cast their vote evidently for the candidate of their choice", said Jones.

Goza is running against incumbent Sheriff Harold Jones who says his office will fully investigate this case.

"We have nobody of interest yet. This is sort of random stuff. Anybody that goes and paints stuff on signs and does this kind of thing, its, its stupidity in its rarest form", Sheriff Jones said.

Pastor Jones says he is not taking any chances with the safety of his family.

"I checked the cars to make sure they weren't wired for bombs and things of this nature. I'm going to make a promise but not a threat that I'm going to protect my family by any means necessary", said Jones.

Sheriff Jones says he contacted the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation. That office is also looking into the case.

The State Attorney General's office is also involved with this case. Pastor Jones says he contacted the NAACP.

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