Bikers honor man fatally shot protecting family from pit bull - - Jackson, MS

Bikers honor man fatally shot protecting family from pit bull

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Friends of Fallen Riders have again gathered bikers from across Mississippi to support a fellow rider whose father died tragically here last week.

A memorial ride and fundraiser were held for Robert Walker, Sr. of Houston, Texas.

The sound of revved engines represented the passion the riders have for fellow biker Robert Walker, Jr., also known as Mista Maine, a deejay at radio station 97.7.

He is also a member of the Solo Riders motorcycle club.

Friends of Fallen Riders joined the radio station Wednesday which held a live broadcast in the Big Lots parking lot to raise money for Walker and his family.

Jackson Police say Robert Walker, Sr. was accidentally shot and killed Friday at his son's Oakhurst Drive home.

"I just heard the shots, and I just heard my mom screaming," said Walker, also known as DJ Mista Maine. "My daughter and my cousins were in the back yard playing with the water sprinkler. The dog jumped over the fence. My dad was in the back yard spraying the numbers for the house."

Walker said his 59 year old father was protecting his family from a neighbor's pit bull.

"He ran to my Paw Paw and my Paw Paw got the dog and slinged him across the back yard," said Robert Walker Jr.'s seven year old daughter Aniya.

Motorcycle clubs from across the state joined the Friends of Fallen Riders to show their respect for the family.

"We do a lot for the community and our principles are based upon scholarship and also providing for our community whatever the needs are," said Friends of Fallen Riders member Stacy Vance. "Here today we are going to have a lot of different motorcycle clubs showing their support."

"If you're out there rolling with us and can hear my voice right now, come out to the Big Lots," said 97.7 DJ Unpredictable during a live remote broadcast from the event. "Robert Walker is known to you guys as Mista Maine from the night show. He lost his father this past Friday."

After the radio broadcast the bikers began a memory ride to Walker's home.

They burned rubber sending smoke into the air symbolic of their rising prayers.

The 31 year old has been a Jackson disc jockey for 11 years.

He and his grief stricken mother Betty were presented with a picture of his father signed by the riders who came from all parts of the state.

"It means a lot. It helps us get through the grieving point," Walker said. "They'd been married 35 years. They traveled the world together."

His comrades on wheels then held candles and prayed for the family.

"To basically bring some support to this family as much as we can in a situation like this," Vance said.

Funeral services for Robert Walker, Sr. will be held Saturday in his hometown of Cleveland, Mississippi.

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