Voters react to Great Debate - - Jackson, MS

Voters react to Great Debate

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

It was a packed house at Mississippi College School of Law Thursday night for WLBT's Great Debate. 

7 Gubernatorial candidates answered questions about Mississippi's image, economy and more.  Those in the audience said it was a good way to get to know the candidates and determine who gets their vote on August 2nd.

"People out there got a really good idea of what the candidates stand for.  We had a couple questions on redistricting that some of the candidates differ on.  We had some of the obvious questions there with economic development.  We had a broad range of candidates here, but a lot of the common themes, not so much among the Republicans but also with the Democrats.  It was an informative session that will hopefully remind everyone to go out there and vote," said Associate Director of the Stennis Institute Jeff Markham.

"I think it is very important for the voters because they need to see ,even though they may be voting on party lines, what all the candidates have to offer, what all the candidates are offering to our voters out there.  So everyone needs to watch and inform their own opinion, go out there and vote," said Mississippi College School of Law student Tujuna McGee.

"I think you can compare and contrast in a very efficient way instead of having to watch individual ads.  They all came together in one group.  There was enough give and take, there was some excitement, there was a little bit of humor.  I just thought it was a wonderful opportunity to gain an insight into the candidates, see what they stand for and their personalities too," said Dean of the Mississippi School of Law Jim Rosenblatt.

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