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3 On Your Side investigates back yard junk yard in northeast Jackson neighborhood

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Piles of trash, abandoned vehicles and overgrown grass in the back yard of a home in the 5800 Canton Park Drive property was causing problems for this disgruntled neighbor.

"No matter what we do the mosquitoes are there.  We have rats.  We have other rodents.  We have coons that come in.  I don't know where they're coming in other than there," said Donna Smith who lives next door.

Last month Smith called us out to see hills of wood, tree limbs and pieces of furniture in her neighbors front yard.  Friday the most of the debris and litter was removed, but Smith believes it didn't go far.

"They'll straighten things up in the front, but what they do is move things from the front yard to the back yard," said Smith. 

Tevis and Cindy Shultz own the home.  Their daughter Kristen spoke to the WLBT crew in June.

"There has been some problems in the past, but my dad has worked very hard all week to move and clean up," said Kristen Shultz.

This time the door shut when our camera came close to the house and a dog guarded the front door.  Smith brought her concerns to the city of Jackson.  As promised, a city employee paid a visit Friday afternoon.

Smith pointed out the leaning trees that are pushing over the fence, the growing number of bugs and rodents and the blue tarps she says have not moved since Hurricane Katrina.

"There is no sense in people living like that. There's no sense. Their house ought to be condemned," said Smith to the City of Jackson employee.

City spokesperson Chris Mims said there is an active case on the property and the city has warned the homeowners.  He said the homeowners will have until August 15th to clean up the property before Jackson takes further action.

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