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Rankin County to get a $2.9 million storm shelter

BRANDON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Lt. Governor Phil Bryant, a resident of Brandon, who lives near the Reservoir presented the entire Rankin County Board of Supervisors a huge replica of the check to pay for the new community storm shelter.

"The storm that destroyed Smithville and the people inside of it would remain safe. This is what we need to do in government. This is why we are here," Bryant said.

"What about folks like you and me, who live up at the Reservoir, are we going to come all the way down here to a tornado shelter. I think we should," I asked.

"I know WLBT gets the word out very early, and that would be a good idea," Bryant said.

The weather service says Smith County is the most dangerous county in the nation when it comes to tornado deaths.

"Shouldn't they get one," I asked.

"I am gonna check just now and see if we have got one going in down there," Bryant added.

We found two survivors of tornadoes in Brandon, from 1992 and 2002 and asked them about the new shelter and whether they would use it in the future.

First 54-year-old Ricky Strickland, a pharmacist, who lives in the Easthaven community and survived the tornado of April 2002.

We asked what he thought about them spending $2.9 million to do this.

"I think it's a waste of our taxpayers money. Taxpayer dollars wasted again," Strickland said.

Fifty-four-year-old Richard Joiner, a math teacher who also lives in Easthaven, survived the 1992 tornado also was asked about using the new shelter.

"It would be tough to get out in time. Richard Joiner's house was destroyed in 1992, but he rebuilt and he plans to build a tornado shelter at his house and stay here," added Joiner.

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