Air conditioner stolen from kidney patient's home - - Jackson, MS

Air conditioner stolen from kidney patient's home

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Jackson family contacted WLBT after thieves rip off their mother's air conditioning unit.

The entire compressor was picked up and hauled out of her backyard.

Now the 62 year old kidney dialysis patient was left in awful conditions and forced to move out of her modest home on Julianne Lane in the Queens Subdivision of west Jackson.

There is little likelihood Margaret Dixon will ever see her air conditioning unit again.

Now Dixon is forced to take shelter from the heat at her daughters home.

"I always wanted them to grow up and wouldn't have to be a burden to them," Dixon said. "But it looks like I am. I'm having to stay over here and I want to be at home."

Gravely ill, on a limited income Dixon can't hold back her emotions.

"They stole my lawn mower, stole my weed eater, they stole my flowers across the house, now they done took my air conditioner," Dixon said. "I can't afford to buy all this stuff."

Dixon's health is failing.

She has suffered hearts attacks, diabetes and is on kidney dialysis 3 times a week.

Hard enough to deal with on a normal day much less on days with stifling heat.

"I have an oxygen machine at home," Dixon said. "And I can't hardly breathe when I get too hot. So I keep the house cool. I can't stand heat."

It was behind her modest home that a relatively new air conditioning unit was positioned.

Saturday morning all that was left was a concrete block.

We ask what she would like to say to the thieves.

"Really, you really want me to say it on television? I wish they would rot in hell. I really do," Dixon said.

Thieves apparently took advantage of an open gate leading to the backyard.

They pulled out the fuse box, cutting power, then power lines.

WLBT found fresh tire tracks leading directly to her backyard gate.

Surviving on a meager income, Dixon can't come up with the $1,000 insurance deductible to replace the unit. 

It was only a year and a half old.  

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