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The best time to buy large ticket items

JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Timing is everything when it comes to saving money. 

Waiting for the right time to buy home appliances, plane tickets, vehicles and even real estate can keep cash where it belongs, in your wallet.

New vehicle models arrive in the fall, so the best time to buy last year's models is in September.

"You are liable to find last year's models, which are still brand new and perfectly fine, at a substantial discount," said Bill Moak, President of the Better Business Bureau of Mississippi. "They are motivated to move those cars off the lot and get new ones in."

Shop at the end of the month to get the attention of a salesperson trying to make their monthly quota.

"They get extra commissions for selling certain amounts at the end of the month," Moak said. "They are looking to get those numbers up because at the end of the month that's when they have to report those."

When is the best time to buy airline tickets?

"The airlines load thousands of new airfares everyday," said Angela Kruseski, a Senior Travel Consultant at For Travelers Only in Ridgeland.

Experts say typically you want to look for the lowest fares 21 days before departure. 

Check fares often because they change frequently.

"What the airlines do is if they see their seats aren't filling up on planes they put a special out there, but they don't advertise it," Kruseski said.

Also remember, discount airlines may not be the cheapest option for your location.

Realtors believe now is the best time to buy real estate. 

"Buyers have more negotiation power," said Carla Palmer Allen, Owner of CPA Realty in Ridgeland. "It really is a buyers market."

When can you find the best deal? 

Spring and Summer months are the most active for buying and selling property. 

You will have better luck negotiating and less competition buying in Fall and Winter months. 

Be sure to buy once your finances are in order.

"The buyer has to be willing, ready and able in order to buy," said Palmer Allen. "That means they have to be qualified with a lender, saved a down payment and closing costs and ready to take on the responsibility of home ownership."

When is the best time to buy home appliances?

Similar to vehicles, new models arrive in stores during September and October.

This is when you will find good deals on last year's models.

Stores also slash prices on holiday weekends.

"Keep in mind a sale is just a marketing tool," Moak said. "You can find a lot of good deals, but you need to know what you want and be prepared to negotiate a price for it."

A ding or a scratch on an appliance could also amount to big savings.

"Dented and scratched models are an excellent deal and usually they come with a full manufacturers warranty," Moak said.

Gym often roll out deals in January to entice resolution makers. 

You can find lower fees and waived enrollment when memberships dip in the Spring and Summer.

Furniture stores bring in new inventory in January and July. 

This is a good time to buy, when stores need to make room for the new items.

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