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Choctaw tribal council meeting Tuesday

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NESHOBA COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

A Choctaw tribal council meeting was held Tuesday morning at the Choctaw Indian Reservation near Philadelphia.

But, there is no new information on a runoff election for chief or the FBI raid on the Choctaw tribe's two casinos, earlier this month.

"We don't want no media in here right now."

WLBT got there before the 9:00 Tuesday morning meeting started but still got kicked out.

The meeting lasted almost two hours and both Chief Beasley Denson and his challenger, and vote leader in the July 5 runoff election, Phyliss Anderson were there.

Even tribal members had to leave when the council went into executive session.

After the meeting broke up, Tracey Trolle, a tribal member and Anderson supporter, complained to reporters about some of the actions taken by the tribe.

"We got word of a special meeting called today in regards to overturning the last decision," Trolle said. "Of course a lot of Anderson supporters came out to find out what the decision would be. But this is what we are seeing. We understand there a lot of illegal things happening here and I just wanted to bring it to y'all's attention."

There is still no explanation of an FBI raid involving dozens of agents, who took computer hard drives earlier this month.

Anderson told reporters nothing has changed with the election and she still faces Denson September 6, in an election she predicts she will win.

"The Choctaw people have spoken twice now saying that they didn't want the incumbent, with the June 4 and July 5 elections, so we are just excited about the upcoming election September 6," Anderson said.

So there is a tribal council meeting where reporters were not allowed to go and nothing was done to change the runoff election on September 6 between existing Chief Beasley Denson and challenger Phyliss Anderson.

WLBT was ordered off the property.

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