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Sound Off: Debate & Election

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JACKSON, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

Republican and Democrat candidates for governor debated on WLBT last Thursday.

The debate was aired statewide on seven local TV stations from Memphis to the Gulf Coast.

The two hour debate gave voters a chance to do some side by side comparisons.

Anyone who owns a television could watch the debate.

Local news, sports and of course severe weather are all delivered to every home for free.

About 10 percent of WLBT's viewers don't pay for cable or satellite TV.

Some in Congress want take local TV channels and auction their spectrum off to the highest bidder.

Should our TV viewing suffer to accommodate faster app downloads in Manhattan?

What part of free over the air TV don't they understand?

This coming Tuesday we will have to choose between the Democrat or the Republican primary before we can even choose the candidate of our choice.

The more we know about the candidates the more informed choices we can make.

Every election is important and every vote counts.

You really don't have the right to complain if you don't exercise your right to vote.

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