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Mississippi summer morning sunrises

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After you've put together a few decades of realizing the sun comes up every morning, you may forget that day break is special: even on a less-than-sunny morning.

Early on a summer morning when lots of people are still asleep or just waking up, others are already out stirring.

Not to get a peek at the early bird catching a worm, but trying to catch the early fish that might want to nibble one.

The air is alive with mosquito hawks at daybreak, on their way back home after a busy night.

Of course, they've not been the only resident of the grassy areas near the swamps that have been working.

The spider has been sewing and weaving for hours in hopes of surprising a home-coming moth or other bug scurrying in before sunrise, not watching and bumping into his web. And the spider has to watch out, too.

Because as soon as the night insects cease their roaming, the birds start to rise out of the grasslands and fly looking for their breakfast.

Tough spot being in the middle of the food chain.

Color seeps back into the world as the sun starts to rise.

But today is a muted sunrise.

The best it can do is wink from behind a cloud bank as we get another gift on this Mississippi summer morning that so few people in the nation are getting right now: the promise of another rain.

And even though there was a rain overnight, no one thinks we've had too much rain, yet.

It's just been too dry and too hot and there is the fear that it might go back to that again, way too soon.

A summer morning in the deep South by a pool in the grasses at the edge of a swamp.

The world is alive out there with birds and bugs making a living another day.

And even if you can't see them, you hear them.

So you know they are there and are busy.

And a lazy day changes in an instant as the mirror reflection of the cloudy dawn in the pond begins to cloud up itself and haze over as raindrops fall and distort the surface of the water.

The birds and the bugs take it in stride, hardly noticing either the rain or the drought.

To them it's not going to be so much a dry or wet day but an eat or be eaten day.

Helen Keller put it this way, "Life is either a great adventure or nothing."

Out here, by the pond by the grass by the swamp, even on what may be a gray, boring day to we who aren't on the menu today, it's another great adventure day, for the one's who are.

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