Lt. gov. candidates take the Neshoba Co. Fair stage - - Jackson, MS

Lt. gov. candidates take the Neshoba Co. Fair stage

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NESHOBA COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

The heat wasn't the only thing hot at the Neshoba County Fair Wednesday morning.

"What do you say we turn the temperature up?", Billy Hewes asked the crowd and that's just what happened.

In what is most likely their last big political speech before the August 2 primary, lieutenant governor candidates Billy Hewes and Tate Reeves went on the attack.

"Career politician. This is a term my opponent tries to stick me with," Hewes said. "That sounds real funny from a guy who's already served eight years and doesn't want to give up his political career yet."

"Senator Hewes loves to point out that I have no experience in the legislature," Reeves said. "He is right about that. I have no experience voting for the beef plant, that was him."

Before a packed pavilion filled with supporters and some yet to decide, both candidates used the legislature as leverage over the other.

Hewes has served 20 years as a state senator.

Reeves, the state treasure, has never served as a lawmaker.

"If you are looking for a lieutenant governor that's a creature of the legislature, by the legislature and for the legislature, I ain't your guy," Reeves said. "If you want someone with the energy to shake things up, then I'm your candidate."

"He's like a mechanic going around asking to fix your car when he's never set foot inside a garage," Hewes said.

Hewes touted his recently unveiled game plan for the state.

Hewes' plan includes eliminating the state's inventory tax, improving education and requiring drug testing for anyone receiving public assistance.

"It's your money and we must make sure we're not financing the drug habits of people we're trying to help," Hewes said.

Reeves told the crowd he many not have the look for the office, but what he does have will set him apart.

"What I do have is the guts to stand up for what's right." Reeves said.

With the most voter attention focused on this race, it's not set to cool down until after the votes are counted.

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