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Making a Decision for Decision 2011

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Next Tuesday, a lot of us have a number of important decisions to make.

Deciding who to vote for should not be taken lightly.

Local and statewide candidates have spent a lot of time and money asking for your vote.

Hopefully, many of you saw the two hour gubernatorial debate WLBT produced last Thursday at Mississippi College School of Law Jackson.

Learn as much as you can about the candidates both in your county, your district, and in statewide races.

You can go to WLBT's web site under the link Decision 2011 for a list of the candidates.

If you're not sure, do a search and find out which House and Senate district you're in.

And most importantly, whichever Primary you vote in, you cannot cross party lines to vote in the runoff.

Perhaps the new governor and legislature can change Mississippi's archaic Closed Primary system to an Open Primary and make it much fairer for all.

That's my Point of View.

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