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NESHOBA COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

People who go to the Neshoba County Fair for the first time are usually puzzled about what it is that motivates others to attend.

It's out in the middle of nowhere, usually very hot and humid, muddy, and packed with people.

Well our WLBT'S Bert Case took a tour of the fairgrounds.

The first thing one notices when you go about six miles down State Highway 21, southwest of Philadelphia, is that people are parking their cars along the highway because there is not enough parking inside the gates.

There is a thin red mud film on all of the vehicles which comes from a lack of hard surfaces inside the fairgrounds.

There are 600 cabins which are usually only used during the eight days of the fair. Then, there are 600 recreational vehicles on spots leased year round but mostly used only during the fair.

Rains early on, left plenty of mud inside the fairgrounds. Families used wagons to pull their kids around Founder's Square. That is where all the political speeches were made.

On Founder's Square, political columnist, Sid Salter, made his observations about Mississippi politics from his cabin.

"I don't think it's any secret that Lieutenant Governor Phil Bryant has had the lead for the entire campaign. At this point the polling numbers suggest that he may win it out right in the first primary," said Salter.

The columnist also commented about the Democratic Primary for governor.

"I think it's a closer primary between Hattiesburg Mayor Johnny DuPree, and Bill Luckett, the attorney from Clarksdale. If I had to give a nod to one or the other, I think Mayor DuPree probably has the lead."

The big political speeches are over and voters will go to the polls on August 2nd to make their choices, with the sights and sounds of the Neshoba County Fair still very fresh on their minds.

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