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State Auditor's report

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According to the state auditor's office, Hinds County Supervisor Robert Graham has not made payment on the more than $45,000 he owes taxpayers.

A formal demand was issued May 26th against Graham for repayment of the money for falsifying time records while he was with the Jackson Police Department.

It has now been turned over to the attorney general's office.

A former accounting clerk from Jackson County, Ginger Lashley, pleaded guilty to embezzlement in April.

Lashley died of natural causes one day after reporting to prison.

$50,000 was paid back but more than $1.1 million dollars has not been paid.

The investigative division of the auditor's office issued 20 formal demands for over $2.3 million dollars and ten informal demands for more than $46,000.

The office recovered misspent or embezzled funds totaling nearly a million dollars.

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