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Dialysis patient surprised with a free air conditioner

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WLBT viewers saw our report Monday about thieves ripping off a kidney dialysis patients entire air conditioning unit. 

Offers of help poured into WLBT. In the end, Charity overcame greed. The climate changed dramatically Friday morning with a very generous offering and a knock on the door.

Recently the 62-year-old kidney dialysis patient was forced to move out of her home and move in with her daughter.  She unable with withstand the unbearable temperatures in her house and unable to replace the unit. The insurance deductible was $1,000.00.

Dixon told us her story, not to get help but to warn others in her neighborhood, especially senior citizens.  She never expected anything in return.

Dixon with tears running down her cheeks said, "I always wanted them to grow up and wouldn't have to be a burden to them. But it looks like I am. I'm having to stay over here and I want to be at home." Dixon wanted to be back with her dog Romeo, but her health is failing. After hearts attacks, diabetes and now kidney dialysis 3 time a week he heat prevented that. "I have an oxygen machine at home. And I can't hardly breathe when I get too hot."

Then a knock on the front door and a man's voice.  "We're here to replace your air conditioning unit. Ok, it's nice to meet you." Friday morning the climate changed. Todd Reeves, Vice President of Climate Master Heating and Air showed up with his crew and a brand new three ton unit in tow. Dixon was nearly speechless, "God is still there and there are good people, good people. I thought the criminals was just going to take over."

Reeves family has operated the business for 40 years, saw our report and didn't hesitate to respond. They were moved by the story, and wanted to give back to the community. Reeves said, "I'm very happy to be able to help when we can."

When Reeves initially called to tell the family he was going to replace the unit, Mrs. Dixon's daughter began to weep.  Todd said he almost cried as well.  As for Margaret Dixon, she could hardly contain her emotions once again. "These are happy tears, this time. I was crying the other day because I was depressed. but now I'm happy, I am so happy."

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