Campaign signs plentiful near polling entrances - - Jackson, MS

Campaign signs plentiful near polling entrances

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Veteran political observers say they can't remember an election where there have been so many campaign signs. The abundance of signs have caused problems here in central Mississippi. 

There are places in Rankin County, particularly along the Northshore where there are so many signs, it is difficult to see if a car is coming as you attempt to pull onto the main artery. The same is true in northeast Jackson, along Old Canton Road near any voting precinct.  

Tommy Long, precinct manager at Northshore in Rankin County, says he can only regulate signs within 150 feet of the polling place. 

"They have spent a lot of money on signs and a lot of them are kind of overdoing it. A little overkill. As long as they are 150 feet away from here, we don't have anything to do with it," said Long. 

Flowood Mayor Gary Rhoads says he can't remember a previous election where there were so many signs. 

"Most I have ever seen in  the city of Flowood. That's just one of the evils during an election, people think they have got to have their names out there and I understand that," said Rhoads. 

Jimmy Purvis, an election worker in Rankin County, says the number of signs and where they are placed has become a problem. "We have a problem. It does present a hazard sometimes, signs getting in the way when people are getting in an out during traffic."

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